Semiconductor manufacturers are at the forefront of the most advanced technology in existence today. The manufacturing processes are constantly improving; requiring regular upgrades to live factories and management with a solid understanding of the products, technology and unique client needs. WWPS has successfully partnered with multiple clients at the cutting edge of this exciting industry. Our clients succeed by hiring experienced and driven people who perform well in this technologically advanced field.

Mission Critical

Data centers present a unique challenge as our client is responsible for ensuring their customer’s data is accessible 24/7. With our growing dependence on the internet any interruption or even minor stoppage in accessing data can have a major financial impact. The continued growth and increasing demands of this industry present a multitude of challenges to the design, construction and development of high-tech, mission critical facilities. Driven by specialized needs for growth and information exchange, data centers require an interdisciplinary construction management team that understands the client’s need for control, security, safety, and communication.


The world’s energy market is changing as we become more environmentally aware of our effect on the planet. The search for implementable renewable energy solutions often requires cutting-edge facilities capable of supporting new technologies in wind and solar. While capturing traditional energy resources involves increasingly stringent environmental and regulatory pressures. Solar Energy and the common computer chip use similar technology and face similar problems during the production of photovoltaic panels. Our excellence in the semiconductor industry positions us to thrive in the solar industry as well.
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